Kanz-ul-Daqaeq ﴾3-Vols﴿

(کنز الدقائق (3 مجلدات

By: Abd Allah ibn Ahmad al-Nasafi

Category: Fiqh
Dars-e-Nizami Class: Darja-3 (Salis)
Book Language: Arabic
Book Size(H'X W'): 11' X 7.5'
Pages: 1621
Print Colors: 2 Colors(Black & Margenda)
Binding Type: Hard Binding
Book Weight(Gms): 3335
Hadya(PKR): 1100
The fiqh in Kanz Daqaiq holds the same status that the definition of the principles of fiqh from the Qudoori of Kaafiyyah, after Hidayatun Nahw, holds in Nahw. However, Kanz contains a tremendous treasure of concise and summarized Fiqhi information, collected like water in the sea. Imam al-Nasafi sticks to two main points in this work; 1- sticking to the issues of the Zahir al-Riwayah, 2- and not surpassing the 'mufta biha' sayngs of the three imams i.e. Abu Hanifa, Abu Yusuf and Muhammad al-Shaybani. However, there are some sayings in the Kanz that are not from the Zahir al-Riwayah and are not from the 'mufta bihi' of the three imams. But, how is it exactly possible to find out that such and such issue is not from the Zahir al-Riwayah or the verdicts of the imams? The commentaries on Kanz al-Daqa'iq Over the centuries, many scholars such as Aiyni, Halbi, Kiramni and others have commented on the Kanz but the exposition, clarity and comprehensiveness of Ibn Nujaym's 'al-Bahr al-Ra'iq' is unique in this area.

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